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Zinc oxide is white at regular temperatures and yellow when heated. It can be prepared in a broad range of particle sizes, from macro conglomerates of several tens of microns, to colloidal dimensions, up to ultra-microscopic nano sized particles. It is most often marketed in the form of a very fine powder.


Zinc oxide has been produced commercially for well over a century. It was initially used as a pigment, and in the field of medicine. It is considered to be the most important zinc compound in industrial applications and in research.
Additionally, it serves as a raw material in the preparations of other zinc containing compounds.

As the Leading Pakistani producer of Zinc Oxide, with the most modern production facilities, we can manage any production requirement.

We purchase 99.995% Special High Grade (SHG) Zinc metal & Recycled Zinc from all over the world to make high-quality Zinc Oxide.


We offer over 10 specific grades of Zinc Oxide in various forms and are happy to discuss formulations of custom grades to best meet your needs. Additionally, we have invested resources to be sure that our products meet the various certifications needed for your products and processes.

To request a sample of our product or to discuss the formulation of custom grades, please send your request to Sales Department.





We make sure that our product gets to you safely and securely. We offer standard and bulk packaging for our customers. Additionally, we have the ability to customize packaging upon request.


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